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FAST GIRLS (Morrow/HarperCollins, June 2020, trade paperback)
A new novel about Betty Robinson, Helen Stephens, and Louise Stokes who in the 1930s pioneered as young American women racers in the Berlin Olympic Games and developed their own powerful relationship. Publication timed to the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

Foreign Rights to Italy (Harper Italia) 


 Early praise:

 "… Elise Hooper seamlessly interweaves history and fiction, and the results are kinetic, mesmerizing, and terrifically entertaining…This is a wonderful novel from an accomplished historian and ferociously talented writer..."
—Jennifer Robson, international author of The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding


"…a moving novel of strength, courage, and ultimately perseverance. Expertly researched and deftly crafted..."

—Jillian Cantor, USA Today bestselling author of The Lost Letter and In Another Time


"…will hurl you down the track of American history and have you rooting for some of the toughest underdogs ever to aspire to Olympic gold…I couldn't put this one down."
—Kerri Maher, author of The Kennedy Debutante and The Girl in White Gloves

LEARNING TO SEE (Morrow/HarperCollins, January 2019, trade paperback)
A novel about the celebrated photographer Dorothea Lange, one of the only female photographers for the FSA (Farm Security Administration) in the 1930s and 40s, alongside Walker Evans and Gordon Parks, who took significant Japanese internment photos and more.

Film Rights Option to Producer Caitlin Thompson

Foreign rights to Italy (Harper Italia) 



Interview with Elise Hooper in BUST Magazine calling the book "a beautiful, layered, page-turner of a book about the American photographer Dorothea Lange."

"For photo buffs and others familiar with her vast body of work, reading the book will be like discovering the secret backstory of someone they thought they knew. Elise Hooper is the biographer, seamlessly weaving together the time, places and people in Lange's life… Hooper excels at humanizing giants." -The Washington Post February 2019

"A beautiful, layered, page-turner of a book about the American photographer Dorothea Lange." -BUST Magazine February 2019

"Elise Hooper's Dorothea Lange is magnetic... A winning novel from the first page." - Devin Murphy, National Bestselling author of The Boat Runner and Tiny Americans

"Written with grace, empathy, and bright imagination, LEARNING TO SEE gives us the vivid interior life of a remarkably resilient woman. Dorothea Lange's story is about passion and art, love and family, but also about the sacrifices women make-and have always made-to illuminate the truth of the world." -Danya Kukafka, acclaimed author of Girl in Snow

"A fascinating and sometimes surprising introduction to a woman known for her iconic photographs but not her eventful life. Plenty for book groups to discuss about work-life balance." -The Library Journal Review December 2018

THE OTHER ALCOTT (Morrow/HarperCollins, Sept 2017, trade paperback)
Louisa ("Little Women") Alcott had a younger sister, May, who struggled to become an artist. In this tenderly observed study of May's pilgrimages to London and Paris, her relationships with women artists of her time, and her late marriage and tragically early death, Hooper has created a character as vivid as any in Louisa's famous book.


FEATURED ON POPSUGAR, “The 25 Books You're Going to Want to Read This Fall.”
“Her adventures illuminate the world of intrepid female artists in the late 1800’s, a milieu too little appreciated today… The Other Alcott comes alive in its development of the relationship between Louisa and May.” -NYTBR, 10/1
“This title is not to be missed by the classic’s many fans who will want to get an insider’s look at the real people who inspired the March family.” -Library Journal
“Hooper is especially good at depicting the complicated blend of devotion and jealousy so common among siblings…a lively, entertaining read.” -Kirkus, 8/1
Electric Literature35 Over 35 | Sept Book Marks Recommendation | Boston Globe New England Literary News Column | Auburn Citizen Review | New Jersey Star-Ledger Review

Articles by Hooper: Lit Hub


CONSTANCE FENIMORE WOOLSON: COLLECTED STORIES ed. by Anne Boyd Rioux (The Library of America/Penguin Random House, Winter 2020, hardcover).

This is biggest and best edition of Woolson's short fiction ever published. They reveal Woolson as an innovator of American literary realism, a writer of deep feeling, complexity, and extraordinary descriptive powers.


LITTLE WOMEN: 150th ANNIVERSARY EDITION (Penguin Classics, 2017, hardcover)

Rioux edited this special edition of the pivotal 1868 novel, with notes for both younger and adult readers, essays on the culture and beliefs of the Alcott family, and an account of the many stage, movie, and TV versions over the years.

Spainish Rights to Ampersand

MISS GRIEF AND OTHER STORIES by Constance Fenimore Woolson, fwd. by Colm Toibin (Norton, February 2016, hardcover)
Rioux has compiled a selection of Woolson's compelling stories, including "Miss Grief," "A Florentine Experiment," and "In Sloane Street," with an introduction informed by her biography and her longtime leadership of the Constance Fenimore Woolson Society.

"Woolson belongs in every American literature collection." -Booklist Starred Review 

LARB Review | Bookslut Review | NYT Book Review



RAPHAEL, PAINTER IN ROME (Arcade/Skyhorse, Spring 2020, hardcover)

A novel about the great Renaissance master's extended service as the Vatican's chief decorator, his entanglements with Michelangelo and several Popes, his tempestuous love affair with a prostitute/model, and the staggering paintings and frescoes he created there, to be published in time for Raphael's quincentenary.

Foreign Rights to Slovakia & Czech Republic


OIL AND MARBLE (Arcade/Skyhorse, March 2016, hardcover; June 2018, paperback)

At the height of the Italian Renaissance in 16th century Florence, two of the world's iconic masterpieces were created by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarotti. They shared an intense rivalry to become the city's premier artist. This novel presents this riveting drama and re-creates this period in their lives.

Film Option to Pioneer
Foreign Rights to Arabic, Spain and Turkey (Maya Kitap), Portuguese, Slovakia, & Czech Republic 

"Storey has produced a shrewd, entertaining book that...might inspire a longform cable series." -Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"[A] richly imagined tale of Leonardo and Michelangelo and their rivalry." -The New York Times
"A fabulous and fun read." -Historical Novel Society

"Storey depicts the drama here with truth and insight." -Booklist
NYTB Review | KCPT Arts Upload | KCUR Interview | Huffington Post Articles: Pen Names, Travel, & Rivals

#5 on Woman's Day's 40 Summer Beach Reads

THE HUMMINGBIRD'S CAGE (NAL Accent/Penguin, June 2015, trade paperback)
A cross between "The Lovely Bones" and "Touched by an Angel," this debut novel of redemption is set in New Mexico and tells the story of Joanna and her six-year-old daughter Laurel, who flee a situation of domestic abuse and find themselves in a small town that seems to exist outside of time.
Film Rights Option to Bankside (UK)

Foreign Rights to UK 


LISETTE'S LIST (Random House, August 2014, hardcover; June 2015, paperback) | OVER 40,000 COPIES SOLD
Set in a Provencal town around WWII, this is the story of a young Parisienne, her picture frame maker husband, and his aging father--a man who knew Pissaro and Matisse. Lisette struggles with her husband's wartime death and finds valuable paintings he'd hidden from the Nazis in this novel about the power of art and love.
Audio Rights (Random House) | Foreign Rights to Germany (Aufbau-Verlag), Italy (Neri Pozza), Bulgaria (Kragozor), Russia (AST), & Israel (Keter) | Book of the Month Club selection.

"The book's most touching moments intertwine art with human connections." -Booklist
"Like the painters Vreeland writes about, she too is leaving her legacy--some of the world's finest examples of historical fiction." -San Diego Union-Tribune

WHAT LOVE SEES (Rosetta Books, May 2012, e-book & print-on-demand, original pub 1988)
Audio Rights to Recorded Books | WHAT LOVE SEES, CBS Sunday Night TV Movie, 1996. Starring Richard Thomas, Annabeth Gish, & Edward Hermann

CLARA AND MR.TIFFANY (Random House, January 2011, hardcover) | 120,000 COPIES SOLD
Now in its fifth printing | Translation rights controlled by publisher | Film rights controlled by BBA | Audio Rights (Random House) | Foreign Rights to Italy (Neri Pozza), Russia (AST), Hungary (Geopen) | Book of the Month Club selection | Bestseller list: NEW YORK TIMES, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE , LOS ANGELES TIMES, HEARTLAND INDIE , CHICAGOLAND INDIE, INDIE NEXT PICK (JAN 2011)

LUNCHEON OF THE BOATING PARTY (Viking/Penguin, May 2007, hardcover; Feb 2008, paperback) | 130,000 COPIES SOLD
Foreign rights to Italy (Neri Pozza), Germany (Heyne Verlag), Holland (Bzztoh), Israel (Kineret), Serbia (Laguna), Korea (Kang), & Portugal (Emergencia)

LIFE STUDIES (Viking/Penguin, Dec 2004, hardcover; Dec 2005, paperback)
Foreign rights to Germany, Italy, Holland, & Serbia/Slovakia | LOS ANGELES TIMES BESTSELLER

THE FOREST LOVER (Viking/Penguin, Jan 2004, hardcover; Dec 2004, paperback) | OVER 70,000 COPIES SOLD Foreign rights to Canada, Denmark, Italy, Germany, & Poland

THE PASSION OF ARTEMISIA (Viking/Penguin, 2002, hardcover; 2003, paperback) | 190,000 COPIES SOLD
Foreign rights to Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Korea, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Serbia/Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, & Turkey

GIRL IN HYACINTH BLUE (MacMurray & Beck, 1999, hardcover; Viking/Penguin, 2000, paperback; Rosetta Books, 2012, e-book)

Foreign rights to Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Russia, Serbia/Slovakia, Spain (Spanish and Catalan), Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, & Turkey
Audio Rights to US (HighBridge) & Denmark (Lindhardt) 

Film Rights to Hallmark Hall of Fame, BRUSH WITH FATE, Feb 2003. Screenplay by Richard Russo, starring Glenn Close, Ellen Burstyn, Thomas Gibson, & Patrick Bergin



THE RELUCTANT MIDWIFE (William Morrow/HarperCollins, March 2015, trade paperback original)
In this sequel to THE MIDWIFE OF HOPE RIVER set in 1930s Appalachia during the Depression, a nurse who's caring for a traumatized soldier is revitalized while working for the Civilian Conservation Corps and fighting a deadly forest fire.
Foreign Rights to Denmark (Cicero), Sweden (Historiska Media), Holland (Harlequin/Harper), & Czech (Euro Media) | Audio Rights to Harper (Unabridged)

"An entrancing saga of birth and rebirth, of people you come to love as they confront loss and guilt, poverty and fear, silence and doubt." -Pamela Schoenewaldt, author of Swimming in the Moon

"This poignant, powerful novel does not shy away from the gruesome facts of life and death. Fans of the BBC's Call the Midwife and Carol Cassella's medically minded novels will enjoy Harman's inspirational and introspective story." -Booklist

THE MIDWIFE OF HOPE RIVER (William Morrow/HarperCollins, Aug 2012, trade paperback original)
Now in its third printing | Audio Rights to AudioGoUK | Foreign Rights to UK (Korvus/Atlantic Books), Japan (Kokusho Kankokai), Denmark (Cicero), Sweden (Historiska Media), Finland & Norway (Bazar), France (Lattes), & Holland (Harlequin/Harper) | USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR | Featured Alternate Selection for the Fall 2012 Literary Guild, Doubleday Book Club, Rhapsody Book Club, Doubleday Large Print Club, BOMC2, & Columbia House DVD Club

"Midwives are warriors in this beautifully sweeping tale." -Kirkus, Aug 2012

PLAY FOR ME (She Writes, May 2015, trade paperback original)
Lily Moore is a happily married videographer in New York City, but when her only son leaves for college, her life feels empty. Lily becomes infatuated with a jazz guitarist who's partnered with am unstable singer and finds herself swept into a world of rivalries and one-night stands--until she's faced with loss.

LOVE'S ALCHEMY (Five Star, March 2015, hardcover)
In this historical reimagining, Elizabethan poet John Donne gets caught up in the religious wars of his time, sexually dallies with his powerful patroness while trying to hold his marriage together, and narrowly escapes death due to his involvement in Guy Fawkes's Gunpowder Plot.

LIVING TREASURES by Yang Huang (Harvard Square Editions, Oct 2014, paperback & e-book)
In China at the time of Tiananmen Square, a rebellious female university student falls in love with a young soldier, has an unwilling abortion, and helps a country girl flaunt the recent one-child law.

"A knotty, engaging novel of China's recent history." -Kirkus, 2014
"Embodies a young woman's journey toward independence and maturity at a time when her country's politics dictate conformity and oppression." -Library Journal
"Living Treasures is endearing, extraordinarily moving, and its timely message about life makes it a must read for young and old readers alike." -San Francisco Book Review

THE FUNERAL DRESS (Shaye Areheart Books/Crown, Sept 2013, paperback) OVER 40,000 COPIES SOLD
Marvel Lane must bury her mother and come to terms with a life blighted by poverty and prostitution, in this third novel.

THE IMPROPER LIFE OF BEZELLIA GROVE (Shaye Areheart Books/Crown, July 2010, hardcover; July 2011, paperback)
A SIBA 2010 SUMMER OKRA PICK | Audio to Tantor

"Brimming with charm."-Bookpage

LOOKING FOR SALVATION AT THE DAIRY QUEEN (Shaye Areheart Books/Crown, Feb 2008, hardcover; June 2009, paperback)
Now in its seventh printing | OVER 100,000 COPIES SOLD | Audio Rights to Tantor

THE BLACK ISLE (Grand Central/Hachette, Aug 2012, hardcover, audio)
A “ghost history” of a South Asian metropolis in which an elderly psychic recalls her amazing role in the city state's growth from a backward island haunted by countless spirits to a center of world finance.
Foreign Rights to the Netherlands (Artemis) & Poland (Remi)

"Gripping historical novel... [that] maintains its mesmerizing power throughout... Tan's imagination seems boundless." -Publisher's Weekly, 5/28/12
"Tan debuts with a cinematically epic ghost story." -Kirkus, Aug 2012
"Tan reveals a rich imagination and a lush style in this first novel... riveting... will sweep readers into action." -Booklist, June 2012

SEND ME WORK (TriQuarterly Books/Northwestern University Press, Oct 2012)
In this remarkable story collection, Karlin focuses on women working successfully in jobs normally dominated by men—at an oil refinery, as a welder, on a railroad, in a shipyard. Observant, realistic, often funny and tender, her stories reveal new, unrecognized dimensions of the American experience.

"These stories are a miracle of pacing...For her unusual focus and light but penetrative approach to this subject matter, Karlin deserves serious attention."
-Publishers Weekly, 8/22/11 (starred review)

Kenyon Review Interview

EXILES (Spiegel & Grau/Random House, June 2011, hardcover)
Reeling from an ugly divorce, an American doctor takes his 17-year-old daughter to Kathmandu to work in a free clinic for a year. Nepal—rife with poverty, disease, and a Maoist insurrection—challenges their worldview. Culture shock and an escape from death in the Himalayas changes their relationship and lives.
Foreign Rights to Korea (Woongjin)

“A fast-paced but emotionally resonant story about the bonds that hold fast when we’re far from home.” -Kirkus Reviews
"This book...vividly evokes the words that pass through Peter's mind after he witnesses yet another death: 'despair, despair, despair.'" -The Wall Street Journal
"[Groner's] a brisk, attentive describer of squalor and spiritual bliss - of a whole world, in other words." -The San Francisco Weekly

CALL ME WHEN YOU LAND (The Permanent Press, Sept 2011, hardcover)
Katie, the protagonist of this observant, beautifully written family drama, has a number of problems: her rebellious teenage son C.J., his father, who has just died and left him a highly dubious bequest, her own rampant alcoholism, a lover and a sister both of whom she hardly knows.

"The powerful examination of addiction and the toll it takes on a family is beautifully written, with characters who are as real as the next-door neighbors."
-Library Journal, 9/1/11 (starred review)

THE WIVES OF HENRY OADES (Ballantine Books, Feb 2010, trade paperback) | OVER 30,000 COPIES SOLD
Based on a real case, this moving novel recounts the story of a man who in 1890s California lived happily with two wives and successfully fought a long prosecution for bigamy. Moran’s powerful account is a tribute to the courage of two remarkable women, as well as a page-turning drama.
BRITISH INDIEBOUND PICK (March) | Foreign Rights to UK (Harper Press) & Germany (Bertelsmann Book Club)

"It's the two women bonding that gives the book its heart and should make this book a book group winner." -Publishers Weekly
"Moran is a careful writer, a spare stylist who never wastes a word." -Boston Globe

SUNFLOWERS (Avon/HarperCollins, Oct 2009, trade paperback original)
Everyone knows Van Gogh cut off his ear, some know he gave it to an Arles prostitute. But who was she? In this debut novel, art historian Bundrick creates a moving love affair between the tormented painter and Rachel Courteau, in which she desperately tries, and fails, to save him from his demons. Foreign and dramatic rights controlled by BBA.
Audio Rights to Recorded Books. Foreign Rights to Brazil (Editora Pruma), Indonesia (Gramedia Pustaka Utama), Israel (Miskal), Poland (Swiat Ksziazki), Serbia (Stylos), Spain (Viceversa), & Russia (EXMO). Already in its fifth printing.

"An impressive volume of suspense, delight, and heartbreak." -Publishers Weekly, 8/17/09 (starred review)

THE SOUND OF BUILDING COFFINS (The Toby Press, Feb 2009, hardcover)
A dark, beautifully written tale, shot through with flashes of magic realism, about New Orleans at the birth of the jazz age. Whores, gamblers, voodoo queens, gravediggers and Buddy Bolden, whose cornet launched the new music, are among the large and lovingly created cast. INDIE NEXT PICK (April 2009)

"The plot is complex and magical, grounded in the history of the city, without being overly sentimental...Highly recommended for all fiction collections, especially where there is an interest in jazz." -Library Journal

RETURN OF THE STARDUST COWGIRL (Three Rivers Press/Crown/Random House, Feb 2008, trade paperback original)
In the fourth book of the Lucy Hatch series, Lucy helps both her husband and her stepdaughter cope with big changes.

HEARTBREAK TOWN (Three Rivers Press/Crown/Random House, June 2007, trade paperback original) | Now in its third printing

"Moyer paints a vivid picture of small-town life with a Texas spin and colorful characters, making the reader feel invested in the story as she roots for a happy outcome for the very likable main characters." -Booklist

THE LAST OF THE HONKY TONK ANGELS (Morrow/HarperCollins, 2003, hardcover; Avon, 2004, paperback) | Foreign Rights to Australia & Japan

THE SECOND COMING OF LUCY HATCH (Morrow/HarperCollins, 2002, hardcover; Avon, 2003, paperback)

THE FOUR SEASONS (Voice/Hyperion, Fall 2008, trade paperback) 
Corona’s vivid, deeply touching, and beautifully researched novel imagines a pair of foundling sisters who become Vivaldi’s proteges. It tells of their struggles and ambitions in the lusty, vividly colored Venice at a momentous time in the history of music. Book of the Year, San Diego Book and Writing Awards, 2009
Foreign Rights to Portugal (Esfera dos Livros), Brazil (Ed. Luciana), German (Weltbilt), Turkey (Alfa/Artemis), Spain (El Ateneo), France (Pygmalion/Flamarion), Bulgaria (Uniscorp), Hungary (Geopen), & Croatia (Lievak Naklada).


The year is 1941, and Billy Boyle, the youngest member of the Boyle clan in the Boston Police Department, has just been promoted to detective when World War II breaks out. Billy secures a commission and post with Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. The series begins when he appoints Billy as unofficial personal investigator in the European Theater of War.
Audio editions available from Audible

SOLEMN GRAVES (Soho Press, September 2018, hardcover)
This 13th title features a pair of murders at a Normandy manor that houses a most unusual (but real) military unit--a team of artists whose task is to simulate Allied forces (with dummy tanks, ersatz radio messages, and vehicle sound effects) to deceive the German army.

THE DEVOURING (Soho Press, Sept 2017, hardcover)
"Benn does his usual excellent job of incorporating historical background into a fast-paced plot, which barely slows down on the way to the satisfactory resolution." --Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly, 7/3/2017

BLUE MADONNA (Soho Press, Sept 2016, hardcover)

THE WHITE GHOST (Soho Press, Sept 2015, hardcover)
"Billy's 10th case features a delicious premise, a full-bodied portrait of young JFK, and a beautifully textured look at military life in World War II." --Kirkus Review, 8/25/15
"Billy Boyle gets better and better. This is a must-read series."--Lee Child

THE REST IS SILENCE (Soho Press, 2014, hardcover)

A BLIND GODDESS (Soho Press, 2013, hardcover)
Nominated for the 2015 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award
"The...thoughtful presentation of institutional racism directed against American soldiers...makes this one of Benn’s best." -Publishers Weekly, starred review, 7/22/13
"Benn’s thoroughly researched exploration of segregation in the wartime armed services is revealing and sensitively handled." -Booklist

DEATH'S DOOR (Soho Press, 2012, hardcover)
"Benn's nuanced portrayal of Vatican politics will keep readers turning the pages." -Publisher's Weekly, 7/16/12

A MORTAL TERROR (Soho Press, Sept 2011, hardcover; Sept 2012, paperback) | Starred review in Library Journal
"History unfolds at ground level all around Boyle... in a fast-paced saga set in a period when the fate of civilization hangs in the balance." -Wall Street Journal, 9/3/11

RAG AND BONE (Soho Press, Sept 2010, hardcover; Sept 2011, paperback) | Starred review in Publisher's Weekly
"…the novel’s scenes of London under siege are stark and poignant." -The New York Times Book Review

EVIL FOR EVIL (Soho Press, Sept 2009, hardcover; Sept 2010, paperback)
"A twisting, turning plot...gripping...Benn offers no easy answers in this rich mix of Irish history and wartime intrigue." -Publisher's Weekly

BLOOD ALONE (Soho Press, Sept 2008, hardcover; Sept 2009, paperback) | An "Indie Next" pick (October 2008)

"A convincing blend of fact and fiction...Benn also does a fine job of depicting a dusty, poverty-stricken Sicily, where warm loyalty is the reverse side of pitiless vendetta." -Publisher's Weekly

THE FIRST WAVE (Soho Press, Sept 2007, hardcover; Sept 2008, paperback) | Starred review in Library Journal | Book Sense Notable Book (Sept 2007)

"Even amid the excitement of the spirited wartime storytelling, Benn allows Boyle’s experiences to change him in ways both subtle and dramatic." -Marilyn Stasio, NYTBR
"High-spirited... gripping... [a] lively story" -Publisher's Weekly

BILLY BOYLE: A WORLD WAR II MYSTERY (Soho Press, Sept 2006, hardcover; Sept 2007, paperback)
BILLY BOYLE has been selected for Bookspan's Military History, American Compass, and Mystery Book Clubs. Kirkus named it one of the top 30 books for Fall 2006, and it's also a Book Sense Choice, an Ingram Premier Pick, and an IMBA bestseller.

Also by James R. Benn:

ON DESPERATE GROUND (E-Reads, 2012, electronic and print-on-demand)
On Desperate Ground is a thriller in the tradition of Jack Higgins. Allied agents race to stop a desperate Nazi plan to stave off defeat in the last days of the war by bringing the American and Russians forces into open conflict. Can they be stopped, or is this the start of WWIII? | Blackstone Audio

SOUVENIR (E-Reads, 2012, electronic and print-on-demand)
Secrets trail an American soldier from his Depression upbringing to the cold winter battles in the Ardennes Forest in the last months of WWII and through the post-war decades, as he struggles to keep his family from being torn apart while keeping a dark secret buried. | Blackstone Audio

RESERVATIONS (Midnight Ink, March 2017)
When an eco-terrorist bombing escalates the controversy surrounding a new coal mine on Arizona’s Navajo Reservation, Journalist Lola Wicks can’t escape the feeling that her in-laws are somehow involved.

DISGRACED (Midnight Ink, March 2016)

DAKOTA (The Permanent Press, March 2014, hardcover)
Foreign Rights to Germany (Random House Germany)
"The writing is top-notch, and the action builds at just the right pace. In Florio's capable hands, Lola Wicks is going to be around for a long, long time." -Kirkus, 1/15/14

MONTANA (The Permanent Press, Nov 2013, hardcover)
Audio Rights to Blackstone | Foreign Rights to Italy (Rizzoli) & Germany (Random House Germany)
Winner of the 2014 Pinckley Prize for Crime Fiction. Finalist for an International Thriller Award, a Silver Falchion Award, a High Plains Book Award, and a Shamus Award.

"Believable action complements razor-sharp observations of people and scenery." -Publishers Weekly, starred review, 8/5/13
"Both evocative of the Montana countryside and a satisfying, hair-raising ride. A promising debut." -Kirkus, 8/1/13
"Breathless pacing, strong characterizations, and a nuanced plot blend into an unforgettable read." -Library Journal, starred review, 10/1/13
"The sparsely populated Big Sky setting will be one of the major sources of appeal for readers of this gripping debut mystery." -Booklist, 10/1/13

DEATH AMONG THE MANGROVES (Untreed Reads, March 2017, e-book and paperback)
When multi-racial former cop Troy Adam becomes the new police chief of this small Florida coastal community, he revolutionizes its department and begins to solve a colorful collection of crimes and local problems.A police procedural series that is thoughtful, often thrilling and sometimes funny.

MANGROVE BAYOU (Untreed Reads, May 2015, e-book and paperback)

HOME TO STAY, a CBS movie based on GRANDPA AND FRANK, 1978. Starring Henry Fonda.

THE AYES HAVE IT (Untreed Reads, 2013, e-book)
Continuing the story of Jessie Schroeder, murder mystery-solving children's book author, this 3rd cozy follows her adventures when a mysterious drifter begins protesting controversial books outside of the library--and winds up dead.

THICKER THAN WATER (Five Star, June 2010, hardcover; Untreed Reads, 2012, e-book)

THE BEST LAID PLANS (Five Star, 2006, hardcover; Untreed Reads, 2013, e-book) | Now in its second printing.

GRANDPA AND FRANK (Untreed Reads, 2013, e-book)
In this rollicking YA novel, a 12-year-old girl and her best friend kidnap her beloved grandfather and set off on a wildly hazardous odyssey from rural Illinois to Chicago. There, they hope to find a doctor who will certify that Grandpa is of sound mind, in order to keep her evil Uncle Frank from sending him to the County Home.

STEALING FROM THE DEAD (Tor/Forge, Aug 2012 hardcover; Tor/Forge, Aug 2013 paperback)
A female NYPD detective, nearing retirement, looks into the death of a solitary, elderly Holocaust survivor in her New York apartment. Soon she finds herself very unofficially unraveling a scheme that involves a $12 billion Swiss bank settlement, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and an assortment of shadowy and dangerous characters.

THE LOST VAN GOGH (Tor/Forge, Summer 2006, hardcover; Tor/Forge, April 2007, paperback) |100,000 in print | Now in its 4th printing
Foreign Rights to Greece (Levani), Japan (Random House/Kodansha), Romania (RAO International), & Brazil (Editora Landscape).

HEMINGWAY CUTTHROAT (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press, 2010, hardcover)
It is Madrid in 1936 in this sequel to Atkinson’s Hemingway Deadlights, and the celebrated author is covering the Spanish Civil War, drinking, and whoring-—not necessarily in that order. When an old friend from the States is found executed, Hemingway’s buddy John Dos Passos insists that they look into it.
Foreign Rights to Spain (La Factoria de Ideas).

HEMINGWAY DEADLIGHTS (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press, Aug 2009, hardcover. | Foreign Rights to Brazil (Globo)